Atlas Rates


In an effort to help our customers understand moving costs, Atlas Van Lines has committed to publishing our rates. Due to key issues threatening our ability to sustain the service capacity and quality expected from us, a pricing reset is necessary in order to remain stable now and in the future. Atlas' new rate structure is intended to simplify the reset and bring Atlas pricing in line with the current cost trends.


A strategic pricing initiative began in 2021, which resulted in a need to increase pricing in the market and allowed for the opportunity to revalue our services. Over the last five years, operating costs have significantly outpaced compensation, while the demand for Atlas capacity heightened. 

The origin and destination agents provide services such as travel time, labor, and residence preparation that cost the same regardless of shipment weight. Therefore, the rates for the smaller shipments have to increase in order to adequately compensate for all services provided regardless of shipment size. 

As an interstate household goods moving company, Atlas has its own published tariff: ATVL1000TR. This tariff has a minimum weight of 1,000 pounds applicable to all charges based on transportation weight, including linehaul, self mini warehouse, shuttle, and cartage. 

Charges in ATVL1000TR are based on the cost of doing business (expense of operating) throughout the various areas of the country. There are four cost level schedules. Cost level schedule one is for lower cost areas (such as Dothan, AL; Evansville, IN; and Green Bay, WI), cost level schedule two is for medium cost areas (such as Tucson, AZ; Atlanta, GA; and Scranton, PA), cost level schedule three is for higher cost areas (such as Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; and New York, NY), and cost level schedule four is for Alaskan shipments. Payment for all charges in this tariff shall be in full and lawful U.S. currency.

Atlas' costs for operating in various areas are determined using selected indices from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rates for the various services that are provided in the tariff are adjusted for each zip code (low, medium or high cost) where the service is provided to determine the applicable charges.

The applicable charges for a shipment will be the combined total of:
1. Transportation Charge (truck transportation from origin to destination)
2. First & Final Mile Charge
3. Fuel Surcharge
4. Insurance Surcharge
5. Origin and Destination Service Charges (shipment handling at origin and destination)
6. Additional Services (added services such as packing, unpacking, and other services that may be requested or may be required to complete the shipment)

Check back often for information on transportation charges, accessorial services, and other resources for pricing your move.